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  • EP3 Taking The Leap with Lauren Welter
    EP3 Taking The Leap with Lauren Welter June 12, 2015 Equipped with her Business and Finance degree from the University of North Carolina, Lauren Welter had everything a young, optimistic career woman could want. She had been offered a position as an investment banking analyst on Wall Street, and was eager to take on NYC and begin her climb to the top. Little did she know at the time, the generous salary, fancy weekend soirees and new-found status, would not provide the fulfillment she had expected. In this episode of…
  • EP2 Healing The World With Mia Banducci
    EP2 Healing The World With Mia Banducci May 21, 2015 Mia Banducci is a healer and a dedicated world changer. Her background and education are in international business, and after traveling the world she fell so in love with the communal culture of food in every country she visited that she transitioned her focus to the culinary realm. She has worked in wellness from the physical capacity as a personal chef and evolved into the power of healing mind, body, and soul energetically. At 16, a horrific car accident nearly…


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