I love to work with people who live on the edge of life, people who seek to make a huge impact, and who sometimes get stuck in the process.

Every super hero needs their Obi-Wan. That’s because they’re spread thin, they get tunnel vision and tend to get comfortable with where they’re at rather than maximizing their talents to be their very best.

Increasing their business revenue by 300% in less than two years

Turning their business into the leading organization within a global network

Moving from not-enough-ness to speaking on stages in front of audiences of more than 2000 people (and rocking it)

Becoming sought after, dynamic leaders who leave their mark every day

Whether I’m helping you write your first book or launch a non-profit, our work together will be full of surprises. Which is what really lights me up.

I love adventure. I speak three different languages and immerse myself in new cultures at every turn. I’ve traveled to over fifteen countries, run five triathlons, and risked my life in countless extreme sporting events.

I even met my wonderful and adoring husband on the UCLA sailing team. But my biggest adventure and success to date has been conceiving, delivering, and raising three generous, loving, and delightful children. We live together, with our super-dogs, Ella and Winnie, in Los Angeles.

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